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Tips for Hanging Artwork at Home

There is no place like home. No matter where we go, at the end of the day, we all start missing our favorite corner in the house – be it a balcony or your bed. Our home is like a dream for us and when we start to decorate it, nothing can stop the artist within.

There are numerous ways to enhance and fill the blank walls of your home. In modern times, almost anything can be wall art and the items range from plates to hats to musical instruments to old window frames and not to forget the actual art. But if you have too many pieces of artwork to hang upon one wall then, they can make your room cluttered and smaller.

So, here are some hanging wall art ideas to display art like a pro

Photographs and Paintings

Print and Frame Photos Online

You can use a collection of personal photographs of the work of artists you admire. An interesting art creates a fascinating depth of thought for visitors. Frames are of high importance here as they have the power to enhance whatever is inside. So, be wild and feel free to be outlandish with your choices.

Group Your Art According To Theme

Print and Frame Photos Online

Sometimes the best way to fill the empty space is to hang more than once piece on the concerned wall. It would be better if you combine black and white artwork with colorful pieces, especially on the same wall. Not all artwork display requires a hammer, sometimes you can just lean framed art of different sizes to create an eclectic vignette layered with style. Also, you can create a display by grouping the items by theme repeating colors and styles of the room’s interior.

Hang It In A Line

Print and Frame Photos Online

Place the artworks in a line, either horizontally or vertically. This style emphasizes balance and rhythm and is a good option for a larger wall or to place another horizontal element in the room. This idea will work well with pieces that are of the same size and framed with the same frame.

Place It On Shelves

Print and Frame Photos Online

If you are someone who keeps changing artwork frequently, then this tip is for you as the shelf approach can help to layer smaller frames in front of larger ones. You can easily pull this look off with a small or large wall, depending on whether you want a single shelf or multiple shelves stacked upon each other.

Apart from these wall art ideas, adding an arrangement of framed photographs, mirrors, wall sculptures, and collectibles is an affordable way to transform any room in your house. Hanging art pieces near the window is not advisable as the harsh wind, sunlight and overexposure to outside pollution makes the artwork dull and also scratch-prone. Tight and secure hanging arrangements for artworks will not only increase their life but also maintain its beauty over the years.

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