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Vastu Shasta for home

Vastu Tips to Hang Pictures for Positive Effects

Paintings and pictures not just enlivens your home but also add to its beauty. Apart from being a decorative element, what you might not know about it is that it can also influence the Vastu of your house. It is said that hanging pictures or paintings according to Vastu Shasta for home has a soothing and positive effect.

Vastu has set umpteen norms which if followed correctly can bring a positive impact in your life but if the norms are ignored, they can bring misfortunes. Talking on the same note, Vastu has laid down some rules regarding the ideal positioning of display paintings and photo frames. It suggests some locations and directions where these pictures can have maximum positive effects.

Below are a few easy-to-follow Vastu tips to hang pictures in the house:

Money and Finance

Vastu Shasta for home

The fortune zone of the house relates to money and finance. A painting of fish, flowing river or waterfall in the main area of the home can bring stability for you and also channelize positive energy towards the areas of business and career. If water picture is not your type of idea then you can place the pictures of the endless road as it means more opportunities ahead.

Overseas Business

Vastu Shasta for home

Networking zone is dominated by wind element according to Vastu. Hanging a painting or picture of flying, birds, trees, and flowing plants will make things better. Someone who is looking for an overseas job can use the mentioned paintings along with the image of the desired location to enhance career luck. Also, you can place small copper pyramid chips behind the picture or painting. Make use of custom picture frames with paintings to decorate your home more beautifully.

Speed and Success

Vastu Shasta for home

The horse symbolizes achievement, loyalty, power, victory, freedom, and speed to hasten your goal to climb up the corporate ladder. If you are facing performance issue at the workplace then, display horses near your working desk as it will help in fast harvesting of creative ideas. Remember that dark or brown colored horses are more attractive and energetic according to Vastu Shastra.

Name, Fame, and Recognition

Vastu Shasta for home

To achieve fame means a high-status lifestyle. A Phoenix is a popular symbol of reputation and fame and is believed to bring new opportunities in life. It is advised to place it on the south wall of office or home to energize your luck of fame for business or yourself. The Feng Shui Phoenix is believed to bring good fortune to those who have earlier suffered from bad luck.

Picture frames and paintings not just add an extra spark of elegance to your home but also provide with the vibrant energy that anyone needs to have a great day. As per Vastu, have a beautiful picture hung and feel blessed and full of positive energy.

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