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Use travel pictures

Unique Ways to Restore Your Travel Diaries

No matter when you last went on a trip, you must have clicked hundreds of pictures on your phone and camera. Some of them you might have uploaded on Facebook and Instagram, while others will end up being in your phone’s gallery that you will hardly see again. There will be times when you will recall those moments but you will never have the time or patience to go through all of them again.

Don’t leave all your travel memories stuck on your phone or camera. Print out your favorites and decor your travel memories. The best way to start is to pick a theme and select pictures based around that genre. Similar bright colors, intriguing architecture, or unforgettable landscapes are all great places to start.

Here are some of the best ideas to use travel pictures and decor your home in a unique way:


Use travel pictures

Photos clicked by you while enjoying the trip will surely be a source of memories for a lifetime. However, no matter how many images you have stored in your devices, they will fall short when compared to the printed photos. Printed photos take you back in the time and even the mundane pictures you might have clicked during your trip will become fascinating after a few months.

This is why a Snapbook is a good idea. You can dedicate each page to a different destination and fill it with the memories you had for a particular place. You can print photos for snapbook and customize it so that whenever you go through it, it can give you a perfect nostalgia.

Retro Wall

use travel pictures

Wall frames look good in any place in the house and on almost every wall. A great way to execute a perfect wall of frames is to mix travel photos with a good retro theme. Black and white photos are making their way back to glory and their touch is incomparable with this high-tech photography world. Don’t let your beautiful travel memories gather dust in the corner, bring them into the center to spruce up your wall. Create a feature retro wall with your favorite travel moments, posters or even maps and revive the unforgettable memories. Also, creating a retro wall is not too expensive, so you can go with this option to flaunt your travel diaries.

Magnet Wall

Use travel pictures

This is another simple yet eye-catching wall decor idea that should not be underestimated at all.  Setting up a magnet wall not only add a beautiful touch to your wall but also help you uniquely showcase your beautiful vacation images. So whenever you pass through this wall, it takes you back in the time and makes your wall look classic.

To create a magnet wall, you need a metal sheet and place it on the metal board. Now, the next step is up to you, you can leave it as it is, coat it with fresh paint, or wrap it in a fabric of your choice. Once done, set it up on the wall, and start decorating it with your favorite travel moments with the magnets.

Frame it up

Use travel pictures

A photo frame with travel pictures on your wall lets you relive the special moments in a big way. If you want it to look more attractive, add a caption underneath or leave it blank, the way you find it will look perfect on your wall. Frames are a unique way to give your walls a personal touch and thus surrounding yourself with travel inspiration.

The plane has landed, your bags are unpacked, but just because the vacation is over doesn’t mean you have to stop living in the magic of travel. After all, you have invested your savings and time for making the trip successful, isn’t it?

The beautiful and high-quality photos of some of the greatest moments of your life need more than just an album on a memory card. Get those photos off of your phone with Peppy Prints and decorate your home with online customized photo frames.

You can print and order picture frames online with Peppy Prints and treasure your travel memories for lifetime!

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