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Travel photography tips

Tips for taking Travel Photos

As the saying goes, a picture speaks a thousand words and in today’s scenario, we could not agree more. Whether you head to the beach for the weekend or simply roam around, taking pictures is all part of the fun to capture your adventures. Travel photos are memories, you simply look at the photograph and it conjures up thoughts, feelings, and experiences that take you back to a long-forgotten place.

But taking travel snaps is not that easy hence, it is important that we spend a little time enhancing our travel photography. It involves road trips, long vacations or trips within your own local area that require you to pack a bag and leave your house.

Before you load up the car, take a look at these quick travel photography tips to help ensure your photographs turn out as great as your adventures:

Get the right gear

Travel photography tips

If you want to know what type of camera takes the detailed and beautiful images then, it’s a large-format camera. But if you are considering to go on a hike, you will not likely not want to pack an enormous 8×10 camera around with you for the day. Before leaving for the adventure, take a realistic inventory of your gear and cross-reference it with your plans – anything you need may become a burden that should be left at home. For all sorts of applications, an SLR camera with one or two lenses and a backup battery should be more than sufficient.

Use a pre-focus

Travel photography tips

You can choose an aperture around F8. Shoot on Aperture Priority mode with a large aperture like f/1.8 or similar to add blur background to your photograph and focus on the subject to develop a beautiful bokeh behind. This can be attained best by using a prime lens such as a 50mm or 85mm lens. If you want to take street photography, portraits, and detail shots then, a 50 mm lens is something that should not be left behind.

Make use of self-timer

Travel photography tips

You can use a self-timer to trip the shutter to minimize blur and camera shake in low light conditions or if using a slow shutter speed (for instance, 1/15 and slower) when handholding camera. There will be times when your tripod may not be with you so, you need to improvise.

Tip: You can take help of digital photo printing to get your photos printed and framed.

White balance

Travel photography tips

Manually adjust your cameras as the white balance will control the color temperature and you can choose how the image turns out. Instead, set your white balance on automatic and switch it manually depending on the type of light you are working to make sure a more accurate reading of the scene.

Becoming a travel photographer takes a lot of time and practice. It is not necessary to travel the world for capturing amazing photos or have the most expensive equipment to be a great photographer. Do not forget to take a look at tips for travel photos while you are shooting them to make sure you are capturing all that you want.

You can print and frame photos online with Peppy Prints and treasure your travel memories for lifetime!

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