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Photo frames design

Tips for choosing the right frame size

When you have taken a great photograph or finished the perfect painting, naturally you want the frame that will make it look the best. While this can be entirely subjective, the important thing is to enhance the natural beauty of the artwork. At the same time, you have to gently draw attention to it without doing it in a distasteful way.

Whether you are moving into a new place or just thinking of revamping your home, custom picture frames can help in completing a home and make it feel more welcoming. But selecting various photo frames design is not just about choosing a color and material but also about perfect shape and size. All you have to keep in mind is what size your pictures are and match them to the correct picture frame size.

Picture frame sizes

There are various picture frame sizes but these three are most commonly found:

Frame types Available sizes
Square 6”x6” 9”x9” 12”x12”
Landscape 4”x6” 6”x9” 8”x12” 12”x17”
Portrait 8”x6” 12”x9”

Ways to choose the right frame size

Photo frames design
  • Think of the space

When selecting the perfect wall photo frames, think about the space it has to be placed at or if you are redesigning the space above the desk, you will have various parameters to work with compared to a living room wall. For smaller space, you need to decide if you want to include a few small pictures or larger ones.

  • Photo type

Consider the type of photograph you are planning to hang in the empty place. A family picture is printed in a larger size to showcase everyone’s smiles so it will probably need a thin and plain frame. Also, a simple scene with just one focus can be placed in a thicker and more intricate frame.

  • Measure the space

Before procuring any popular frame size, measure the space you are planning to hang the picture. In case, the matting is also in your mind then, calculate it too. Sometimes the sizes are mentioned on the frame but often we are left to figure it out on our own.

Selecting the right sized frame makes all the difference and with this picture frame guide, you will have your photographs hung in the correct sized frame and also in no time.

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