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Raksha Bandhan

Reasons why your Sibling is the Best Friend you can Ever Have

We all have best friends from different walks of our lives – school, college or work. Some even find best friends in their neighbors. But many of us have our best friends living in the same home and sometimes, the same room.

One of the most beautiful relationships in the world is that of siblings who stay right by our sides (well, most of the times) through the awkward, joyous, embarrassing, and miserable times of our lives. With this, they are also the ones with whom you can scream at one minute and joke around with the next. Though it sometimes also means getting on each other’s nerves, the underlying truth is that we continue to have trivial arguments because we know we can. With them being around, you can never feel lonely!

So, if you are away from your sibling this Raksha Bandhan 2019 and miss them like crazy, a trip back to your childhood with them would seem like a fair idea, right?

So, do you recollect how:

They always stick together like a glue

Raksha Bandhan

Whether it is learning to ride a bike, failing an exam, falling in love for the first time or getting your heart broken, the siblings know it all! They are a vital part of all the memories attached to emotions. In short, they know about all your whims and fancies and still choose to be with you.

So, a little present on rakhi would be great! Why don’t you gift him/her a personalized photo album of all the growing up together memories!

They have always spoken the truth, even the most brutal ones

Raksha Bandhan

Just like a real friend should, they tell you nothing but the truth. Whether you gain weight, binge on shopping or generally let go of yourself, they will tell you straight up. They do not mind hurting your immediate feelings for the greater good.

They are the best roommate you’ll ever have

Raksha Bandhan

You will have numerous roommates as the years go by but you will realize soon enough that none of them would have come even close to being as awesome and special as your sibling. They know your likes and dislikes better than anyone else would do – including the choice of your TV channels, clothes, car and everything else in the house.

They take your side when parents do not

Raksha Bandhan

There are times when your parents do not listen to you and that is when your siblings take charge. You may fancy taking up that course that uncommon course and despite everyone else’s denial, they have always got your back. When it is about your sibling, it is obvious that you do have to explain all your flaws and quirks to them.

They keep your secrets protected

Raksha Bandhan

When a sibling is your best friend, there is little to worry about gossip being spread or drama being created because you share the same trust as BFF. Yes, there might have been times when they would run to your parents with your secrets but today, they guard your secrets like a vault.

After going down the memory lane, we are sure you would want to give a warm hug to your brother/sister this Raksha Bandhan. They may drive us mad at times but honestly, we would go mad if we ever had to live without them.

With this, let’s celebrate the festival and for a change, gift them something like a print and frame photos online to make them feel pampered.

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