photo wall ideas

Memories are a precious thing to preserve but time makes us lose bits of wonderful memories. Today, technology allows us to record the happy moments of our lives and photography is one of them. We all have plenty of pictures of our childhood and of our loved ones lining somewhere in our home but not a single idea on how to display them in the house.

One may not have an idea but there are many creative DIY photo wall ideas that can emphasize any interior décor and are not too expensive or time-consuming. There are endless ideas on creatively displaying your photographs which are quite simple and yet effective in beautifying a home. Depending on the selected room and empty wall space, there are multiple ways of arranging framed prints, just like how you use Instagram feed or Snapchat to tell a story using your favorite photographs,.

Below are a few picture wall ideas:

Stairway Photo Wall

photo wall ideas

Stairway photo wall creates a neat and streamlined look if you have a bunch of frames that you had like to hang on the same wall. Make sure that stairway photo display should tell a family story as you ascend. One can mix and match collage photo frames for both diversity and balance.

Photo-Display Wall Clock

photo wall ideas

One can put photo frames on the wall in such a way that personal memories stand in for each hour’s number. Time spent with family is worth every second and this photo-display wall clock idea will help you secure that.

Clipboard Photo Wall

photo wall ideas

You can use a wooden clipboard to give the framed look to your printed photos. One can simply clip a photo on a clipboard and hang it on the wall. The size of the prints will be determined by the size of clipboards. Make sure that the photo prints you choose to display are smaller in size as compared to the size and width of the clipboard.

Tape Frames

photo wall ideas

With various colorful tapes, you can easily spice up your photo decoration on the wall. Also, to get a beautiful photo wall, you can use these vibrant tapes to frame your photos.

Wooden Frame Photo Wall

Photo wall ideas

This photo wall idea accentuates the architecture of the room while displaying personal style. You can bring back the charm of Polaroids by suspending event or family photos within a large wooden frame. Also, you can change your favorite photos each month. Do not forget to add a pop of glitter to the frame to balance out the simple display.

So, these were some creative ideas on how you use a blank wall to redesign your home. Apart from these ideas, you can also prefer a mix and match or keep things minimalistic and clean.

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