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Cubicle Decor Ideas to Accent your Workplace

Office is the place where people spend most of their time, more so, glued to their desks. Our office desk has seen everything; mental breakdowns, little achievements, and even the existential crisis that we go through. But have you ever thought about sprucing up your cubicle to make your office space look more interesting?

Don’t you think instead of simply staring at your computer all the time, you can place some good looking objects on your work desk to brighten up your day at work. Organizing your cubicle can actually re-energize you when you are in a slump at work.

Here is a list of ideas for decorating your office so that spending half your day would not seem as bad as it does:

Designate a shelf for beautiful frames

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Instead of simply pinning up posters of your favorite quotes, frame and place them in a shelf. Considering that you spend a long time at work, these custom picture frames would certainly make any space look regal and enticing. Studies suggest that the color of the walls can affect the productivity of the people who work within them. And to keep your enthusiasm and energy levels up, a bold blue color might be just the boost you need at your workplace.

Enhance the headboard with charming prints

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When it comes to office cubicle decoration, we are sure some of you might have pinned up polaroid prints. But that’s been boring and usual. Add a dose of freshness with polaroid prints to revamp your cubicle area but instead of simply pinning them up, take a ribbon and tie it across the corner of your work desk. Make sure it does not block your monitor view, though. What’s more? Deck it up with fancy lights.

Dress up your drab wall with artwork

You spend half your day in your cubicle. Choose a variety of sizes of simple frames, and fill them with the artwork that you love. It provides you a visual escape when you need it and also hides those unsightly connector lines that many cubicles have. Plants can also be bought in. Bringing nature indoors can help clean the air, increase productivity by 15%, and improve your mood and happiness.

Place an eye-catching tent-card

A fresh and unique approach to office accessories, tent-card is a great way to utilize an essential office tool as a decorative as well. Print photos online from last vacation or get-together and keep on the desk. This will give a sense of being close to your loved ones.

These were a few ideas on how to decorate a cubicle. Your cubicle should not be the place where you go and spend the hardest part of your day. Rather it should be welcoming. It should create a positive energy flow where creativity and productivity abound. So after you get over with the deadline, start decorating!

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