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Must-have Photography Gears for Travelers

Struggling with clicking a perfect picture or trying to produce consistently creative imagery for your photography collection? A lot of people ask what camera gear is the best to click pictures. Undoubtedly, a camera is no good without a photographer, but the opposite is also true! But making a photography checklist is not an easy task. You need the camera, lenses, a tripod, camera bag, and so on.

Also, you can’t bring the kitchen sink either, so what do you bring and what do you leave behind?

In this article, you’ll discover in detail about the items you should take and the ones you should leave behind.

Camera Body

Needless to say that the basic requirement is a camera. No matter what camera you use, you’ll carry that with yourself. What quality of a camera is not something this article looks to delve into, all the camera have different merits. There are so many choices available in the market for every budget, so the only way to know which is right for you is by doing a review about the cameras. Go out and take some photos with it and you’ll get an idea about the quality.

However, there is increasing progress towards mirrorless camera as they are light in weight and generally cheaper than high-end DSLR cameras but still capable of producing high-quality incredible photographs. A lot of photographers are carrying a mirrorless camera either as a spare or an alternative to the DSLR camera.

Camera Lens

Generally, cameras are available as a package with a lens or just the body. If you want to keep the weight minimal, stick with one or two lenses at most. The right decision here will be a good quality work horse and super zoom lens to cover the focal lengths such as an 18-300mm lens or a good quality wide angle lens.

You can also opt for a 24-70mm lens as it allows to capture everything from portraits to landscapes. In fact, you can get away with just this one lens the majority of the time.

Over time you can also adding macro or prime lens in your lens collection. However, you can also go with a wide angle zoom, and if your budget allows a telephoto, will be sufficient.

Photos Online

Cleaning Kit

One of the most important tasks of a photographer is to keep the lenses in perfect condition and cleaning your lenses should be a priority. Because, dust and dirt in front of the lenses can reduce lens contrasts, which results in hazy images.

Moreover, the photo lenses are not completely shielded from external damaging factors. Although the best lenses are sealed in the interior, the exterior can still collect dust, fingerprints and a whole lot of other things during use, as well as during storage.


A good, hefty tripod is necessary for low-light, landscape and night photography. Moreover, without a tripod, you will not be able to take photos which require slow shutter speeds as you will not be able to hold the camera steady enough by hand.

Although, a tripod is much more useful than just for photographing low light conditions. Using a tripod often means you spend a bit more time composing and thinking about the image rather than just snapping away.

Other Essentials

The other essential that you might need are memory cards, camera battery, camera bag, polarizing filter, and lens UV/Protection filter.

The above list covers the basic items of what a photographer will need but of course, there are other things that you can add over time that will become incredibly useful in some situations. To sum up, you can preserve the perfect shots in customizable albums and frames with Peppy Prints.

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