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wall decor ideas

Innovative Ideas to Fix Damage Walls

Have you noticed the monsoon rain and extreme temperature playing havoc on the walls, so much so that the paint is blistering and damp patches are becoming visible under the window sill?

Even after multiple rounds of paints, the layers just keep flaking off. This can make the room look tedious. So, what is it that can be done to hide these ugly patches?

Having a beautiful home with amazingly decorated walls is what everyone wants, however, it can be time-intensive. Some people hire experts for all types of wall décor while many prefer doing it on their own. For the latter set of people, there are so many wonderful things they can do to spruce up those damp walls.

Here are some wall decor ideas for damage walls to make your room look beautiful as ever.

Eliminate patches with photo frames

wall decor ideas

Though placing wall photo frames on a wall is a centuries-old technique, its popularity has still not faded. Displaying framed photos can help personalize your space and grouping them in a planned manner can create a work of art. Try to use frames that complement each other as well as your room’s style.

To achieve this, trace each frame onto a piece of paper or cardboard, cut each pattern out, and then arrange them on the wall until you find the best layout.

Liven up those walls with wall art

wall decor ideas

The wall art design is perfect for sprucing up the décor of your home. One such wall art design is wall mural, which is great to hide the patch and change décor with dramatic effect without spending a lot of money. If there is any patch near or above switchboard then, you can create small wall art on switchboards too.

Transform your walls with photo wall

wall decor ideas

If you have digital photos to display in large numbers, then print them all out in the same size and arrange them in precise rows. With just a little bit of planning and execution, you can easily create a visually appealing pattern.

By putting your favorite memories on display, you can create a visual tribute to those who hold a special place in your life. In fact, this will work as a unique decorating piece adding a personal touch to any space.

Display handmade wall hanging

wall decor ideas

The walls of a house tell a story to every guest that passes by. Wall hanging not only provides beauty and comfort during your precious time at home but also hides the patches on walls. Hence, when choosing to display handmade wall hanging, make sure that they are a reflection of your character and personality.

Add a touch of Nature

wall decor ideas

You can never underestimate the significance of having plants as part of your daily living space especially when it comes to good design-be it at home or in the office. Money plant on the wall can help you cover up stains and damp patches on the walls. Moreover, various scientific studies prove that plants even help in lowering the stress levels especially of those who are ill.

So, these were some innovative ideas on how you can cover up ugly walls. If you have more such ideas, do not forget to share with us in the comments section below.

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