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Independence Day

Independence Day: How free are we really?

As 15 August approaches, we see a great zeal running across the nation, evoking the thoughts of nationalism. Our country got independence from British rule after years of struggle and various movements led by great freedom fighters.

But as we stand here after seventy-three years of independence, are we really free from various issues– health status, financial debt, literacy, atrocities, rampant violence, inequality, dowry, honor killings, corruption, etc.

Seven decades have passed and we are yet to experience freedom in a real sense.

Are we free from ignorance to civic sense in India?

Independence Day

Civic sense is not restricted to keeping the roads clean or maintaining the public property. Ethics, behavior, social norms, and codes form part of the civic sense. We may have got independence but we are still a nation working towards better cleanliness. Efforts are being put and campaigns like Swachh Bharat Abhiyan are improving the situation of urban sanitation, sustainability, and cleaner cities. Recently, Indore won the cleanest city tag for the second time in a row, a nationwide cleanliness survey by the urban affairs ministry.

Are we free from poverty and unemployment?

Independence Day

A large part of the Indian population lives in the villages and the poverty and unemployment issues still persist. According to the national data, the World Bank estimates that one in every five Indians lives below the poverty line. Hence, the Government should come up with plans to make villages’ self-reliant and provide skill-based education in the remotest areas to improve the condition.

Are we free from corruption?

Independence Day

India ranks 78 out of 175 countries according to the Corruption Perceptions Index 2018. Independence may mean self-governance but corruption is still thriving in our country. In the last years, we have witnessed some major scams including the Government officials who take an oath to protect India’s dignity and sovereignty. India will actually become independent when corruption will be wiped off from the grass-root level.

After many years of independence, we are still struggling to get rid of these social evils and have equal access to our rights.

This Independence Day, together with Peppy Prints, let’s take a pledge to get past the hurdles that still hold back India from achieving freedom in its true sense.

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