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How Traditional Album-Making has Evolved?

Do you ever go through old photo albums or a shoe box of photos, and hours later, you arise from an almost half-conscious state from having been swept back into your past? When you flip through the pages of a photo album, you sense that you are clinging onto something intimate, something unique.

Intimate faces and places draw you into the depths of your memory, leaving you with a feeling of nostalgia and at times, yearning. Besides these photo albums are reminders of our firsts- first kiss, first home, first trip to abroad- and they are treasured moments of lasts- a beloved friend, family member or an adored pet. This journey into your past can conjure up many different emotions- feelings of appreciation, joy and gratitude, anger and sadness.

As they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

A single photograph can visually tell an entire story. Photo albums are moments frozen in time that help us to cherish the details of the past. You’ll be surprised to know that the oldest photograph albums in the collection of the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. are from the 1850s.

Unlike older times, when the quality of the photo was not a matter of concern, nowadays, the images are printed on photographic paper that is often reinforced by a premium substrate, which makes the paper rigid and ensures photo albums’ long-term durability. Moreover, photo albums are a substantial, heavier option, similar to a coffee table book.

Here are a few new options to secure your memories and experiences.

Photo books

Photo Books

Unlike photo albums, photo books are lightweight, thinner and thus take up less room on the shelf. They are available in a lay flat style or a classic style. Also, the pages in a photo book are printed directly onto press paper and then bound with precision. Photo book allows you to distill your innumerable photos and immortalize them in a fancy book.



Scrapbook is the easiest way of preserving not only photographs, but also newspaper clippings, and other assorted items. And even though most of your photos are probably now saved in the PC, it’s necessary to have a tangible memory book to keep on your bookshelf or bedroom for browsing.

Storybook Albums

Storybook albums help in narrating a story, like the story of a graduation day or a school trip from beginning to end. If they are digitally printed, you can use the images as well as text, and colour for the narration of the story.

Customizable Albums

Customizable Albums

There’s something for everyone. Customizable albums can be made in different styles for a singular purpose. They even tell a story of a place you visited or an occasion close to your heart. You can place string of photographs capturing the reactions of your friends and family. The regular customizable is ideal for preserving old family photos, showcasing a trip with your friends or the candid clicked photos that narrates the story of your life.

Regardless of which alternative you choose, the most important decision has already been made: to get those memories off of the screen and into your home to create a strong bond with your loved ones.

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