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Rain photography

Get Ready to Capture Beautiful Shots in the Rainy Season

What can be better than dancing in the rain, smelling the earthy scent, feeling the wind in the hair, sipping hot ginger tea with pakoras, and watching the drops fall from your window? Monsoon is the season of love, joy, and particularly the time that brings new hope to start everything afresh.

Monsoon may mean different things to different people but for photographers, it is the time when brilliant photographs make their way to the cameras. For this reason, rainy season attracts young/old or professional/amateur shutterbugs to capture the umpteen frames soaking in rain around them.

In this season of bliss, World Photography Day welcomes yet another reason for people to step out of their home and click various pictures.

Enjoy some more with these rain photography tips for photography lovers:

Capture water droplets and splashes

Rain photography

Raindrops add beauty to the surroundings making everything more vibrant and beautiful. To capture stellar pictures, zoom in your camera on waterfalls as they meander down, raindrops on cobwebs, water droplets on leaves, and greenery all around you. Another interesting way of capturing monsoon pictures especially after the rain is by using the macro mode, which will help you to take close-up shots of a petal or grass with tiny water droplets in sharp colors.

Capture the reflections

Rain photography

One of the photography ideas during wet weather is to capture reflections. As shadows and reflections are available everywhere, therefore, they can be easily used to click unique subjects. Just make sure that your own reflection is not visible when you are clicking away. You may be even lucky if a rainbow appears and that would be a sign for you to take those shots of it including its reflection in whatever surface you find interesting. Once the perfect moment is clicked, you can even take help of photo printing services to bring moments to life.

Capture the street at night

Rain photography

After the rain has stopped, the washed-out roads shine brightly at the night, which is yet another good rainy season shot to capture. For better shots, look out for the reflection of either the street light, building or the reflection which can be clearly seen in the little pool of water. Besides, it’s the perfect time to capture the low light photography, in which not only can you click the car headlights in a creative way but the imprints on the road would also enhance its feel.

Capture the window art

Rain photography

Water droplets on window panes create an excellent texture for the pictures. Raindrops act like tiny lenses that wrap the background for beautiful photographs. This shot will blur the background, leaving the viewers to wonder what the rain is hiding behind the glass pane. You can also develop abstract pictures by clicking through the window of your moving vehicle.

Capture the emotions

Rain photography

Rain transforms people as they react to rain with a gamut of emotions – capture those emotions and you will have a great rain of picture. Even a candid photo of a person running for shelter or a photo of colorful umbrellas can bring your picture to life.

Apart from these tips, it is advised to carry a tripod and some kind of covering that can be used to shield the camera from wind and moisture.

Once done, bring your favorite shots to life with our online photo scanning service!

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