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Encapsulating Moments in the Everlasting Memories

“Nothing is ever really lost to us as long as we remember it.”
—Lucy Maud Mongtomery

Imagine having the power to go back in time to experience all of those things that made your heart at peace, once again. Those magnificent nights with your family and friends, the warmth your partner gave you the first time you met each other, that feeling of pride when your name came in the merit list, or the excitement that filled you when you decided to get married.

All such little or colossal moments makes our life worthwhile.

Moments that you created when you went on a college trip with your close friends, and when you teased each other while playing an outdoor game, and the hug you shared with your sister at her wedding, or listening to your baby’s first cry.

Such are the moments of joy that surprisingly and unexpectedly make your days gleefully enjoyable. Because, in life, not always do you need huge things to make you feel happy about your life. In fact, it is these everyday experiences that gets etched in one’s heart, ultimately becoming their go-to moments.

“For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed.”

The most wonderful thing about memories is that they never fade away; they stay with us forever. Some stay in the heart, some become a part of your conversations and some find a permanent place on the walls, tables and albums. These memories are not only something you once experienced, it is more than that; it is an intricate part of you, a part that you are thankful for, a part that you can forever celebrate.

And that’s why..

Someday, when sitting on a couch, reminiscing the old and beautiful memories by flipping through the photo albums or gazing at the framed pictures, you will realize that no matter where you are and what situation you are in or whether you’re cheerful or having a rough day, these pleasant memories will always be important to you. They will hold on to you, hug you and remind you that the moments gone are still there as memories and will forever be.

It is through these splendid stories of how you spent your childhood, completed a trek successfully and broke your own record in an inter-school race that your life will keep blossoming and the framed walls of your room will keep breathing!

Such is the importance of these little mementos in your life that shall be the gentle reminders of good times, inspiring you to appreciate each and every moment in life. Little or big, ordinary or enthralling- it is reminder that one should celebrate every moment and emotion that comes in their lives.

Because moments become memories; and these memories enrich your life, connect you with others and help in defining who you are.

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