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Drenching in the Vivacious Burst of Colors this Holi

As spring prods away from the last remnants of winter, the festival of colors- Holi, brings unrestrained joy, a promise full of warm days and new beginnings. All about fun and frolic with loved ones, the festival welcomes a wave of zeal and zest for people to celebrate it with much fanfare.

Come March and you can literally smell festivities in the air, see shops slouching out on the streets with Holi gift hampers, water balloon, and of course, the unique water guns. Besides, you can smell the aromatic colors everywhere!

Isn’t life a winsome bouquet of happiness?!

Recall how going Gulaal shopping with family, and planning with friends about coloring that obnoxious uncle residing in the locality starts days in advance? Or how the small group of children armed with pichkaris, spray unwary passerby with colored water and run away?

Colors are indeed a depiction of multiple human emotions.

Well, it is true how the vibrant colors of Holi never fail to represent human joy at the abundance of spring’s unfurl. From kids celebrating at school in advance to moms’ getting occupied preparing delicacies for the guests, the mood pops open to abundant fun, giggles and colors.

Kids being kids but grown-ups become childlike too. You can see them diligently filling up the balloons so that you could run with buckets full of balloons the next morning and splash them on the passer-by.

Prints Photos Online

Little joys of life are often the most exciting!

Starting from waking up early in the morning to digging out old clothes, applying oil/cream on the body and finding the best Holi songs to dance on, trying not to waste even a second, putting on the crazy hats and props, wishing every passerby with the Gulaal splashes, meeting, greeting and painting friends, clicking selfies of the faces filled with Holi colors, savoring festive-favorite gujiyas especially when you are fully wet and unrecognizable – the festival displays an unseen, witty side of everyone.

Like Holi, life is also full of exciting things. It is when each color is seen clearly, it looks vibrant. Undoubtedly, it’s the most colorful and joyous occasion as every color adds meaning and profundity to life.

For color is what keeps the surrounding alive and moving!

No matter how early you run out of water balloons and colors, the celebrations still last till the sun goes down. Dirty water, eggs, sludge and what not – you make sure that your pockets never run out of colors and balloons. But even if they do, you always have moments captured in your heart to make you happy and laugh about it.

Holi is truly one of the most colorful events of the year and with so much water and colour gliding around, don’t forget to capture the striking moments spent with your family and friends. And last but not the least, preserve these memories in beautifully customized frames and albums with Peppy Prints.

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