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Photo Book Printing

Difference Between Photo Book and Photo Album

Memories are precious treasures and if we do not preserve memories, especially the happy ones spent with our beloved family members and friends, we would have nothing to look back upon to remind us of joyful times and the memories made wade with them. In order to push forward in life, we have to look back and reflect every so often.

It is easy to commit memories to the mind and heart but they both can forget when there is nothing to remember; so, it is necessary to preserve memories by creating our own mementos. Earlier, people saved the favorite moments in the form of picture albums but now they prefer securing it in the form of best custom photo books.

Following guide can help you make the right choice between a Photo Book and Photo Album:


Photo Book printing

The pictures for Photo Albums are printed onto photographic paper whereas the photographs for photo books are printed by digital presses onto double-sided regular paper with either a glossy or matte finish. The pages are thicker and more durable in a Photo Album and come with a limited number of page options.

Covers and Binding

Photo Book Printing

The covers of photo albums are handmade and can come in leather, linen or as a full photo cover whereas photo book covers come with a lay-flat hardcover, classic hardcover, and flexi softcover. Photo albums covers are custom made according to the individual’s need; on the other side, most photo books are bound together by stitching like magazines or books.

Durability and Style

Photo Book Printing

Photo albums are known to be extremely durable due to the material used whereas photo books are printed on a thin paper. Photo albums have lay-flat or flush mount pages whereas photo books are available in a range of paper types; gloss, matte, textured, and velvet.


Photo albums are made by hands, thus, cost more than a photo book. Albums are normally larger than books. On the other side, Photo Books are lighter and smaller than Photo Albums.

Pages Availability

Album builders can include up to a hundred pages whereas a photo book can fit in more pages than an album. You can even include up to one hundred forty pages in a single classic style book.

Hope that now you know all the major differences between Photo Book and Photo Album and can decide which the right option for you is. If you want modern and professional-looking pages of photographs filled with all your special moments, then we would recommend a Photo Book as it provides you varied options in cover, paper, and shapes and sizes. To ensure that your photo books are printed in highest quality standards, you can avail Peppy Prints’ photo book printing service to preserve memories.

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