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Creative Ideas to Display Photos without Frames

Of all the personalized touches in a home, nothing says more than pictures of friends and family. Your marriage anniversary in the hallway, your children’s vacation pictures or your family’s pictures on the mantel; without images like these, no home is ever complete. The only issue we all face at times is how to display them creatively.

There comes a point when you have to take down a treasured photo to make room for a new one. Thankfully, there’s more than just one way to display this centerpiece at home. Some allow you to save space and others create a creative space that functions as an art as well as a collection of memories.

If you cannot afford to frame every special picture of yours then, these creative photo display ideas will help you to display your favorite photos without frames:

Idea 1 – Photo Pendant

This classic photo pendant idea is perfect for displaying a few of your favorite shots. Moreover, it is fun and easy to make.

Things you need

·         Glass Tiles

·         Bails

·         Diamond Glaze

·         Glue

·         Chains


Start by getting a black and white photo printed out on classic hardcover. Put a tiny drop of diamond glaze on tiles, then use a small paintbrush to spread it out a little. While the diamond glaze is still wet, set your picture face down on the tile. Let it dry for five to ten minutes. Then squirt out some diamond glaze on the back of the photo and spread it out with a brush to seal your paper. After being dried, attach the bail to the back and it is all done.

Idea 2 – Wood Block and Photo Holders

It is one of the finest ideas to display photographs on bookshelves and tabletops. A combination of two to three simple wooden photo holders is a good addition to any flat surface. You can even use different color elastic bands to have fun with a little color.

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Things you need

·         Wood or hot glue

·         Two-inch wooden blocks

·         Craft wood pieces

·         Colored rubber bands


All you have to do is glue the wooden blocks onto the wood pieces. Make sure to center one wood block at the bottom edge of a wood piece when you attach. Now, let it dry for a while. Just place the photographs with one or two rubber bands and you are done.

You could even pick a view of your dream vacation, a view of a place you have always wanted to visit or a tropical beach scene of a place you have been to many times. So, these were some of the most creative, fun and fresh ideas to hang your photos without frames instead of doing the usual task of throwing photos into a boring frame or album. With these ideas to display your photos without frames, you will be able to attract many eyeballs.

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