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Negative impacts of technology

Children’s Day Special: How Technology is taking Away Childhood from Your Children

The children’s day is celebrated in India on November 14 and this is also the birth anniversary of the first Prime Minister of India, Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru. The Universal Children’s Day is celebrated on November 20, as it marks the anniversary when the UN General Assembly adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child (1989) and the Convention on the Rights of the Child (1990).

The Definition of Childhood

The real essence of children’s day is to understand the importance of childhood in our lives. As the saying goes, ‘there is a child in each one of us’, even this day holds a special place in everyone’s heart. The popularity of this day started in the 1980s and its celebration has changed over a period of time. For a 30-year-old, Children’s Day is all about fun. It used to be one of those days when students didn’t have to study, the school used to conduct many competitions and a session to tell them the historical significance of this day and teachers used to give special attention to the students along with gifts.

But now online games, social media platforms and other digital devices has replaced the physical activities and outdoor games of children. Unlike previous generation who begged to go out to play, this generation barely looks up from the screen. Although the technology has a brighter side too, that has opened up new and creative avenues – like blogging, Youtuber, music, acting, photography, etc., but its usage by the children should be monitored.

Let’s have a look on the impact of technology on childhood.

Impact of Technology on Childhood

There is no doubt that technology advancements have dramatically transformed how children live their day-to-day lives. Technology has also affected the way kids socialize and interact. Every device you assign to your child is a new source of distraction and notifications that take away their childhood and adversely affect their mental and emotional well-being.

Here are some of negative impacts of technology in children’s life:

negative impacts of technology

Limits Interpersonal Interactions

Kids these days are more likely to be virtually connected with friends, sharing photos and texting online than actually meeting them in person. The new generation is growing up playing games, accessing social media platforms, and so on. This doesn’t mean that technology is harmful, but its excessive use is and spending too much time on the internet can adversely affect their mental condition.

Therefore, it is your duty as a parent to explain to your kids the negative effects of the excessive usage of technology. Instead of prohibiting technology use altogether, set daily limits for how long your kids can use technology each day.

Stagnates Physical Activity

negative impacts of technology

The overuse of digital devices can be harmful to children’s health. The more they use these devices, the less physical activities they do. Apparently, these habits can lead to a significant weight gain, eye strain, bad posture, and more.

Ask your kids to minimize the usage of digital devices and encourage them to socialize with friends in ‘real life’ instead of online, take them out for a while, help them sign up for a sport or any other activity to make a decent balance of technology and real life.

Mobile Device Overuse Reduce Sleep Quality

Negative impacts of technology

According to various reports, almost 72% of all children have at least one digital device in their bedroom. This raises a big question that is there a connection between screen-based media devices or use in the sleep environment and sleep quantity and quality?

Yes, there is a strong evidence of link between mobile devices’ overuse and reduced sleep quality. Kids are sleeping less than they should and this can have very serious consequences on their brain. To help your children to get better sleep, you can talk to them about the dangers around it. Also, work on reducing screen time to improve their sleep quality.

negative impacts of technology

Before teaching kids, ask yourself how many times you check your phone for notifications when you are with your kids? Most of the parents do this very often, after all, mobile devices are great to overcome boredom. But checking out mobile devices for notifications when we’re around children has its downsides. According to a study published by the University of Michigan Health System, “Parents’ use of mobile technology around young children may be causing internal tension, conflicts and negative interactions with their kids”.

So, before your kid gets addicted to technology, you need to sort the things out and instead of boycotting it all together, put limits on technology usage and aware your kids the potential negative consequences of its overuse. Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around, you might miss something.” So it’s time to take off and let your kids embrace their childhood this Children’s Day together with Peppy Prints.

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