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Best Ways to Recollect and Reshare the Collective Memories

Pictures are worth a thousand words, but that’s nothing without the proper display. So, don’t let your favorite memories get lost in a cupboard, drawer or in a desktop folder. Instead, gift your loved ones personalized gifts and evoke happy memories.

Here is a roundup of four personalized gifts that will make sure your special someone will carry a part of you at all times and cherish them.

Farewell Scrapbook for a Colleague

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A beer at a famous cafe might typically be enough to bid goodbye to your colleague leaving the organisation, but when he’s more than a colleague or a team leader and has been in the company for ages deserves something memorable. A scrapbook is a perfect gift to preserve the memories, professional achievements, festive days at work, birthday celebration and many more. You can ask everyone in the team to share the words of encouragement, a copy of their personal moment spent with them and place it in a personalised scrapbook.

Photo Book for Family

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The most significant family events in life are always remembered but not always in exceptional detail. This is why creating a family photo book is so important. Seeing those special images from years ago can bring back sweet memories, and take you back in time to some of the happiest times of your life.

Choose photographs of memorable time spent together and get them printed in different sizes and finish. You can add the description with the picture to make it more special and captivating.

Wall of Fame for your Spouse

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Often you run out of ideas on what gift you should give to your spouse. Most of the time you end up giving each other a cuff link, watch or other quintessential things. So, a new idea of surprising each other is by creating a wall of fame. which will help you in showcasing extraordinary moments. You can display your wedding pictures, recollect each other’s childhood pictures, the first time you met and journey of you as individuals coming together and bonding over love.

Photo Frames for your Sibling

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Decorate your home with photos of you and your siblings fighting with each other, playing cricket in a park, celebrating festivities with them and many more. Place them in colourful captivating frames around the house, or hang them up with rope, or stick them on the wall. This will make them feel super special and who knows, they might just get inspired to surprise you with a unique gift next time.

Photos are the best ways to recollect memories and share with your loved ones. Peppy Prints is the easiest and simplest way to make personalised photo books, photo frames and so much more. If you are creative enough, you can place the pictures in a creative way and design it from scratch too. Your family and loved ones will relish being able to sit down and flip through all these beautiful memories together.

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