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Snapbook Guide

A Guide to Create a Snapbook

The photos that you click are a way to make memories for a lifetime and in this digital era, we capture many moments, but most of them stay in the digital folders only. Have you ever thought, what if something happened to your device and you lost all your images? So, before you experience the devastation of losing photos due to the laptop/mobile crash, print your photos for snapbook, convert some of the digital prints into hard copies by creating a photo book, photo album, frames or collage. This is the best way to prevent your memories and bring them into your life.

Amongst the all said methods, snapbook ideas are the most in-demand and a great way to honor your cherished memories. If you are going to create your first ever snapbook, make sure you consider the following tips to document the precious moments:

How to make a snapbook?

Step 1: Choose the type, size, and theme

Snap Book Guide

Bring your memories to life by choosing from the available options:

Book Size 6” x 6” inches 9” x 9” inches
No. of Pages 24 36
Cover Type Soft Cover Hard Cover

Snapbook is a great way to document your special moments and occasions like weddings, birthdays, travel or your daily life. It is easy to carry around, thus, it turns out to be a great personal little gift. The snapbook by Peppy Prints allows you to customize it by selecting the size, theme, paper finish – matte, gloss, velvet and textured, along with choosing the design of the front and back cover to bring out the nostalgia in a unique way and take you back in the time.

Step 2: Select and upload your photos

Snapbook Guide

The snapbook can have a minimum 24 and maximum of 36 photos that you can choose from drive/gallery, Facebook, or Instagram. So, it’s up to you which pictures you wish to include in the collection. If you want to create a collection of memory, make sure to add all those pictures that will help you tell the story of the concerned occasion or any other event. Also, don’t forget to add some candid and full of laughter clicks because such images embody real emotions and will beautify your snapbook.

Pro tips for preparing and organizing your pictures:

  • When organizing the photos, create a folder specifically for the snapbook. It will help you to sort and curate the photos before you upload them.
  • For the best quality, make sure all your pictures are of good quality.
  • Enhance the brightness of the photos because sometimes, printed photos appear a bit darker.

Step 3: Select the cover design

Snapbook Guide

Select the layout for the cover from the available options to give your pictures a strong opening and closing. You can also add a title and a caption to your snapbook, but it is not compulsory and if you feel that the caption is pertaining to your pictures, you should go with this option. Make sure that your caption is matching with the layout of the snapbook. Also, use a font that suits the style of the snapbook.

Pro tips:

  • Each page of the snapbook can contain one photograph so, don’t try to overcrowd it by fixing more than one picture.
  • Play with color and the tone of the pictures – your photos can be chronological, or not! When a timeline is not important, don’t hesitate to arrange your photos based on the colors and tones. This will have an amazing visual impact on your photo album.

Step 4: Review it

Go through your snapbook cover to cover, and see if it flows smoothly and all photos are displayed well. If not, alter the pictures immediately and once done, you can place your order of personalized snapbook online at Peppy Prints!

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