Frequently Asked Question

No matter how far digital photography has come, there is nothing that can beat a printed set of photographs or the awe you feel when viewing a large print on the wall. The journey of a photo from a memory card to a well color balanced print is often long. Picture framing is an easy but an elaborate process involving various steps.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions on photo printing and framing:

1. What is the image resolution for photo printing?

The image resolution for a 4”x6” print should be minimum 640×480 pixels, for a 5”x7” print should be minimum 1024×768 pixels, and for an 8”x10” print should be minimum 1536×1024 pixels. Also, you must avoid screenshots, WhatsApp images, and low resolution pictures.

2. What type of frames do you use?

We use three types of frames in square, landscape, and portrait size.

Frame Types Available sizes
Square 6”x6” 9”x9” 12”x12”
Landscape 4”x6” 6”x9” 8”x12” 12”x17”
Portrait 8”x6” 12”x9”

3. What type of file formats do you support?

Various image types appear on smartphones, but we only support two image formats; JPEG and RAW. JPEG photo is a compressed image, designed to take less storage space. Pictures saved in RAW format can print larger than JPEG images but takes up a lot of storage space.

If you are having trouble and want to check if your photo is a JPEG, look at the writing under the photo in its file name. If it ends .jpg or .jpeg- then the file is a JPEG and if it has .DNG, then the file is a RAW.

Frequently asked questions

4. What is the largest file size I can upload?

We support files up to 30 MB.

To find out the size of your photo, find out the properties where under the title Size, you will find its details.

5. What are the different types of photo book printing covers that are available with you?

We provide three types of photo book covers: Lay-flat hardcover, Classic hardcover, and Flexi softcover. Lay-flat books can have up to 20-100 pages, classic hardcover showcases photos on up to 200 pages, and flexi softcover can have 200-300 pages.

6. What are the types of photo papers used for prints?

Photography paper comes in a variety of different finishes but we provide four types of professional photo papers: Gloss, Matte, Textured, and Velvet. Glossy photo paper has a smooth and shiny reflective surface. Matte art paper has a slightly textured surface with no reflectiveness. Textured photo papers come with a variety of textures and sheets are smudge-free, water-resistant, and compatible with inkjet photo printers. Velvet photo paper enhances color reproduction, white purity, and excellent image stability.

7. How are your prints made?

Your picture deserves a better showcase than the screen on your phone, hence, we use latest printing tools and printers such as professional ink-jet printers, archival pigment inks, and professional photo papers for making quality framed prints.

8. What type of photo prints do you have?

We provide three types of photo prints: Standard prints, Large format prints, and Polaroid prints. The standard photo prints can be taken out to design a small photo collage. Large-format prints would be perfect for photo frames, albums and scrapbooks. Polaroid prints are ideal when you like to write your sweet little message or quote along with the photograph.

9. How long does it take to deliver a product?

We take 2 days to process, 2 days to dispatch, and 4-5 working days to deliver the product on the mentioned address.