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creative pre-wedding photo-shoot

7 Unconventional Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot Ideas & Trends

Pre-wedding photography has moved from being a trend to a mandatory aspect of every wedding planning process. It is no more about dancing around the trees, being surrounded by heart-shaped balloons or dressing up like your favorite actors. The couple nowadays cherishes the pre-wedding time spent together that in turn helps build their bond of love.

To get perfect images of your loving moments, explore your interests as a couple and integrate them into your shoot. So, if you’re trying to figure out what suits you the best as a couple, we have found some refreshing ideas that you can indulge in when planning your creative pre-wedding photo-shoot:

For those who love to read

creative pre-wedding photo-shoot

Bookworms love nothing more than books (of course, not more than their partners). Therefore, a room full of books would be a perfect theme for a stupendous pre-wedding shoot, especially when both are voracious readers.

For fitness freaks

creative pre-wedding photo-shoot

What will be the better theme for a pre-wedding shoot than a gym, if both of you are fitness freaks? Ask your gym owner for the shoot during the off hours and arrange a skilled photographer to make your shoot a memorable one. This shoot will be amazingly impressive and one of your favorite memories.

For the most dramatic couple

creative pre-wedding photo-shoot

Are you both love dramatic Bollywood movies? If yes, then there will be nothing better than the typical Bollywood theme for your pre-wedding shoot. And even if you are a Hollywood aficionado, there is no limit to the costumes you can put on, or poses you can imitate. So, irrespective of whether your love story was dramatic or dreamy, your photo-shoot would definitely be divine!

The Miniature theme

creative pre-wedding photo-shoot

Miniature photography is so common these days, especially for pre-wedding shoots. They look goofy and adorable and most importantly, make your pre-wedding album unique. Photographers use multiple techniques to bring out the best poses of a couple in the miniature form.

The Rain magic

creative pre-wedding photo-shoot

The connection between romance and rains is very strong and if your love story has its own raining moments, then this could be an interesting pre-wedding theme. Both of you can wear your favorite and matching attires and get multiple shots – like with umbrella, and others you can pick it up from the Bollywood movies, as there are many rainy songs.

Heritage photo-shoot

creative pre-wedding photo-shoot

Though this idea is so common, but the feeling of this theme is totally incomparable. The timeless beauty of monuments just add a supreme royal touch to your pre-wedding shoot and makes it absolutely awe-inspiring and you can also use these pictures to decorate your house by using online printing services by Peppy Prints.

A splash of colors

creative pre-wedding photo-shoot

Just like Holi, use color powders and splash on each other’s face or use them in the background to make your photo-shoot look full of colors. The amount of fun you are going to experience through this theme is totally different. You just need a professional photographer who could use vibrant colors to create magic in the whole photo-shoot.

You can also add props like guitar, saxophone, vintage car, etc. in the above mentioned ideas to make your pre-wedding shoot a bit more unique as well as memorable. Print photos online in good quality to restore your special moments. The best amongst them deserves to be on your bedroom wall that you can get printed online from Peppy Prints. If you have had an offbeat pre-wedding shoot, don’t forget to share with us on the below mentioned social media channels.

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