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DIY photo frame

6 Offbeat Ideas to Use Old Picture Frames

Before storing special moments in the digital devices in the form of pictures, there were days when we used to frame pictures of our special moments and achievements and hang them on the wall. Now things have changed and people mostly use digital devices to capture and store their special moments, thus, they don’t have any other option except trashing frames. However, before trashing the old items, we love finding ways to reuse them. Picture frames are one of those old items that have been replaced by smartphones and digital cameras and as they are no longer serving their intended purpose, there are many other picture frame uses through which several purposes can be fulfilled.

No matter how many devices are available in the market, beauty of picture frames cannot be replaced. Firstly, they enhance the beauty of the walls and secondly, they can be used in many other ways which one would have not even thought of.

Here are some of the unique ways on how frames can be used to fulfil many other purposes:

Charging Station

DIY photo frame

Turn a picture frame into a charging station for all your electronic gadgets. This fancy charging station will not only grab eyeballs of your family members, but will also attract every person who will visit your place. Although, this charging station will not let you charge your devices without chargers, but will always help you know where it is.

Magnetic Message Board

DIY photo frame

Turn a large frame into a functional magnetic organizational board that will also act as your to-do list. This will be an easy and stylish way to keep a track of all your to-do activities and will also help you clutter up all counters.

Key Hook Rack

DIY photo frame

DIY photo frame to make a quick and easy key rack. Having one central place where you hang up your keys make it so much easier to keep track of them.

Tabletop Desk Organizer

DIY photo frame

Using a frame for creating a desk organizer is a very unique idea. It will look great on your table. Its tiered pockets for mail, bills, pens, or whatever you want to keep will help you to perform all your activities smoothly along with making so much easier for you to keep track of them.

Transform a Frame into a Dry Erase Board

DIY photo frame

One of the simplest projects you can do with a frame is to turn it into a dry erase board. All you need to do for this is to replace the backing with a printed paper or fabric. Then, use dry erase markers to write lists directly on the glass.

Store Sunglasses on a Revamped Frame

DIY photo frame

If you’re one of those people that own more than two pairs of sunglasses, consider utilizing a frame to keep them all on display. To protect your sunglasses a bit more, opt for a shadow box frame that is at least an inch or two thick.

There are many more apart from the above-discussed ideas for repurposing old picture frames. So, it’s up to you how you want to use your old things to fulfil other purposes. You can even get picture frames online in different designs and sizes from Peppy Prints.

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