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Friendship Day

5 Special Set of Friends we all have in our Lives

We often come across people we hold on to and people we absolutely do not need in our life. Be it for a short term or long term, all of them tend to serve a different purpose. But friends are the ones we choose for life. There can be imperfections in friendships and one may have to go through a lot before it takes a shape into something solid for life, but as they say “Best friends are our chosen family”.

We all have friends from different stages of our lives – some emotional and some practical. But that simply does not mean that they are not friendships, it is just that everyone in our lives has a different role to play. And sometimes, having just one buddy is not enough, life becomes easier and sweeter when we have many best friends adding their special touch of magic to our lives.

As Friendship Day 2019 is around the corner, let’s give a loud shout out to all our friends without whom our lives would be incomplete.

Someone who pulls us out of our shells


This is obviously the most special friend to have! They push you into things you would never dare to do yourself and it is liberating, to say the least. They know all your secrets and stick up for you no matter what. They appreciate your ridiculous, nonsensical jokes. You can spend hours on the phone and not notice the time fly by. In short, being with them makes you feel happy and confident.

Friendship Day Tip: Scan and order photos online and gift it to your friend to revive those memories of you both once again.

Someone who is carefree and does not give a damn

Friendship Day

This kind of friend is crazy. They drag you out of bed at 2 AM just because they feel like taking a walk. They are the ones still dancing when everyone is tired and make you laugh just by the way they talk, and to top it all off, they do not care about who is looking. Though they can be exasperating at times, but still you admire their eccentric outlook on life.

Someone who lends an ear to our tales of woe

Friendship Day

This kind of friend is a good listener, hence, knows all our secrets. We all trust him/her and open up to them about our dark secrets and even guilty pleasures. This shows that they are not only trustworthy but also highly accepting of people and because of this others see them as a confidante. They not only listen well but also reciprocate appropriately, knowing when to be supportive and when to give others an ear full.

Someone you spend more time other than your family

Friendship Day

With him/her, work is actually fun and it is almost impossible to get through the day without your best colleague at workplace. You share lunch and snacks with each other and send around 150 text messages about every move in the office. They know everything about your life outside the office. But you have never met her outside the office and you both are completely cool with that.

Someone who starts a party in the middle of the week just out of nothing

Friendship Day

Your most popular friend who is part of various groups and knows the best places to party and of course, are great to party with! Such people are outgoing and spread happiness and enthusiasm wherever they go. They can strike up a conversation with anyone about anything. Though going out with her could mean alone time for you but you have no regrets about that!

So, this Friendship Day, reconnect with your close friends and celebrate the big day in style!

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