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Our memories make us what we are and the most important part of a memory is the emotion that it brings. We would be nothing without our memories but is it really possible to recollect every minute detail associated with it?

They say,

 “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”

And why not! After all, photographs are not only worth a thousand words, they are more about the precious memories embedded into them. Cameras, therefore, are the instruments that not only capture images displayed in its range, but they are a safe house for the moments rapidly passing by, helping us preserve them, along with the essence of our lives, our emotions and our memories for eternity.

While memories can be indistinctive, a perfect photo is what keeps the moment from slipping away. To capture the perfect moments of your life, some simple photography techniques could do wonders for you.

Here are some ways on how to capture perfect photos with these easy photography hacks of low light:

1. Choose the right lens

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If you want to capture the perfect photos, make sure you bring the prime lens. As they have a fixed focal length and a wide aperture. The wide aperture allows enough light to reach the camera sensor and gives better exposure for your low light shot.

2. Use a wide aperture

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Unlock the aperture of the lens to allow more light to hit the camera image sensor. Most of the prime lenses open up to f/2.0 to f/1.2, which allows three times more light as compared to a zoom lens. To capture a sharp shot, you can spend a little extra time on it.

3. Attempt a long exposure

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If you want more light in the photos, you can experiment with long exposure shots. But keep in mind, that this works effectively with a shot that doesn’t have much movement, or else your photos will come out blurry and out of focus.

Focus manually when aiming to shoot with slow shutter speed in low light, because the autofocus is not the right solution. The best way to capture a perfect shot is to use a tripod stand for your camera.

4. Increase the ISO

During a low-light setting, you can increase the ISO setting. An increased ISO makes the camera sensor more sensitive to light. Furthermore, if the ISO setting is too low, you will need to capture the shot at slower shutter speeds to get enough light in the photo. However, remember that the higher the ISO, the noisier the photo.

5. Try a Silhouette Shot

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Silhouette is a perfect way to convey drama, emotion and mood in a picture. And, that’s why it’s better not to aspire for a perfect lighting situation, and work with what you’ve got instead. You can take advantage of the low light situation for a silhouette shot because for this shot the subject needs to be lit from the back.

If you are planning to shoot in automatic mode, set the camera to spot metering mode to make it focus only on the bright part of the photo.

To conclude, use the above tips while capturing the photos, but never be afraid to try something different because some moments are best captured when left to the photographer’s creative instinct.
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