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Winter photography tips

5 Exciting Winter Photography Tips and Ideas to Make the Most of the Season

Don’t pack up your camera just because summer is over. Winter is also a great time for capturing some spectacular images! Whereas in the summer and autumn, you can spend a lot of time outside and experiment with urban photography, in winter, you can challenge your photography skills by taking night time shots, capturing falling snow and capturing some unconventional foggy scenes. It may not seem like the best time of the year to have an amazing photo-shoot, but in reality, it is the best season.

Here are some of the best winter photography tips to capture winter’s enchanting scenery and exceptional lighting to make the most of the season:

Sunrise and sunset photography

Winter photography tips

Sunrise and sunset are the best times, especially in the winter season to capture some magical images. These moments are also defined as the golden hour, which includes the first hour after the sun rises and the last hour before the sun sets and the light is softer during this period. The main challenge for you as a photographer will be to catch this time and capture the moment.  

What make these hours special is that the light will never be the same, so you can shoot the same landscapes, but always capture unique lighting.  

Winter landscape photography

Capturing nature during winter is a reliable way to get amazing photos. Everything looks charming and charismatic in the winter season – forests, water, fields, etc. Mountains get their beautiful look with a layer of snow that attracts every photographer to capture it and include these seasonal shots in their portfolio and use your favorite ones to print pictures online with Peppy Prints.

Winter photography tips

To make your photography stand out, you should be ready to experiment. For example, you can try Astrophotography. With a clear and starry sky, your winter landscape photography will definitely be admired by both professionals and enthusiasts. Also, don’t forget to check the forecast, dress warm, and protect your camera gear with covers. In the winter, the weather conditions might be unexpected.

High contrast portraits

Winter Photography Tips

Winter is the best time for outdoor photos. The contrast between the cold temperature and the smiling faces will help you take heartwarming photos. Foggy scenery and white backgrounds provide an excellent opportunity to play with contrasts, especially when the subject is colorful. You can capture playing kids wearing warm color clothes in the snow to make your images eye-grabbing. Also, you can choose other backgrounds like fir trees, mountains or even the sky.

Winter night photography

Winter Photography Tips

Winter is coming and you will have approximately three months to experiment with exclusive winter photography ideas. Winter is ideal weather to capture beautiful portraits so, do not consider this weather as an obstacle. Shooting in the winter at night is very interesting and unusual. Night sky in combination with a snowy landscape can create a truly magical ambience. All you need to bring the boldest night snow photography ideas to life is a tripod, a lens, and a good external flash.

Wintery Self-Portrait

Winter Photography Tips

It is as important to photograph others as it is to take self-portraits in the snow throughout the process. During this cold season, do not forget to take a few shots of yourself surrounded by the amazing winter landscape. Even if your face isn’t visible in your self-portraits, your results will document your journey.

When it’s cold outside, do some shots of a fog/snow-covered city. On your day off, wake up earlier to master the winter landscape photography during the golden hour. Peppy Prints have come up with some amazing tips that will help you take the best photos during the winter season:

  • White balance should be set according to current light conditions
  • Opt for a large aperture and short focal distance
  • A polarizing filter will provide better contrast, especially with a backdrop of blue sky

Capture your special moments during this winter season using these pro tips and get print and frame your photos online with Peppy Prints!

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