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5 Different Teachers We’ve All Had

When we were young, school and college used to be the place that was called our second home. If parents were there to discipline us at home, teachers in the school ensured to suppress any rebellion. All of us hated it back then but now if we look back, we realize that they taught us both life lessons as well as academic lessons that have gotten us through our adulthood.

In short, we owe our different type of teachers for everything that we are today. From being strict to giving friendly advice sometimes, they have handled our situations very well. While they did everything successfully but there are certain things that still make us feel nostalgic when we think of the old times.

Basically, every teacher has played a different role in our lives. Here are some ideas on gifts for teachers and the types of teachers we all had:

The one with solutions for everything


This is the teacher who added meaning to our schooling and college years. They gave us some brilliant academic and life lessons that still hold immense value in our lives. They were the ones because of whom we literally shed a tear while bidding goodbye at the end of our sessions.

Teacher’s Day Gift Idea: Think out of the box and gift her a photo frame of the handwritten teacher’s day wishes note.

The one entire classroom was scared of


The most organized teacher you have ever witnessed in your life. They are particular about almost everything, from homework to tidiness. They have been hard on us but for good reasons. They have taught us the true meaning of discipline and decorum.

Teacher’s Day Gift Idea: Get the assorted framed prints of their most common reactions with a personalized note below each.

The one for whose lectures you always waited


There are the teachers who remain cool through everything and create a friendly environment for the students. They have a unique way of teaching with interactive/playful sessions in every class, which always make us long for their lectures. The relationship with them is usually of teachers-cum-friends for you.

Teacher’s Day Gift Idea: Say thank you to your teacher this teacher’s day with photo collage including year-wise memories.

The one whose face says a thousand words


They are also found taking deep breaths in the middle of the class and headache medicine directly after. Handling paperwork, meetings, and interruptions drive them to the very limits of sanity. They panic sometimes and break down every now and then. But no matter how worried they may seem, they are still available for their students to help, guide and nurture them.

Teacher’s Day Gift Idea: Surprise your teacher with the timeless pictures of his/her with picture books online.

The one who is famous for her fashion choices


They may not always have the best-looking classroom or might not always be on time but you have always seen them dressed in the best style. Even if their world has turned upside-down, their fashion game is always on point.

Teacher’s Day Gift Idea: Print the rarest old picture of your favorite teacher with scan my photos.

With the changing learning methods, we may have started relying heavily on technology but teachers are still an indispensable part of our world. They are not just teachers but a guide, a mentor, and an inspiration for students, a role that cannot be replaced by technology of any kind.

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